MAY 26, 2007

by Kelly

We were so excited to do an article on Thrifty Shopper, the middle-class man's Salvation Army, if you will, that we forgot to get the picture of the outside of the store that usually goes here. So sue us.

Thrifty Shopper is a series of thrift stores located in upstate NY. It's basically a slightly cleaner version of the Salvation Army. They have something to do with Rescue Mission and are therefore a Christian-run business. Not that there's anything wrong with that. In fact, it helped us out a lot, as you will see in some of the albums and videos we found and detailed below. Not everything in the store is Christian-based - it really is just a thrift store. We'll start in the children's book section:

So Josh is a soccer playing...what, exactly? Fox? Cat? It's hard to tell. The dogs in the neighborhood obviously hate him, especially the bull terrier. I like the touch of the bull terrier smoking some doobage and sneering at Josh while the other dog (???) drinks like a wino. The subtle "BE" on the drink on the ground is probably supposed to indicate it's a beer, although it could be a simple "beverage." I didn't read the book. The cover rules, though.

This is a crazy looking Halloween ghost we found in the stuffed animal section. We couldn't figure out what it was at first, so we obviously had to photograph it.

The thing to the right of the ghost is something called a Kranimal and was from Kmart circa 1984. Unbelievably, I can't find anything online about any such line of Kmart stuffed toys.

Now onto the always-to-be-counted-on record album section...


This is where the Christian-slant of the store starts to become fun. I can only find two entries for this dynamic duo on the internet. One entry is a Craigslist ad someone posted selling a lot of 21 Christian cassettes for $1. Bob and Patty being one of the 21 featured artists. The other is a message board post that makes no sense. So anyway, I have to say the 1980s rainbow stickers are a nice touch. And I'm in love with Bob's hairpiece. Here's the back for those of you frothing to know more:


I see Ms. Patty was saucy enough to take off her jacket for this shot. I googled "Heart & Home Records" and came up sadly empty.

Try to contain yourself, here's another stellar album of our time:

I found on a website that this album has been remastered on CD and is being sold for $54.45. There's another site selling it for $68.77 WTF? What did I miss?

Here's another good one and "double excitement" to boot!:

Apparently, this kid went on to play with The Oak Ridge Boys or something. Go figure. Here's a bio on him from 2006 that I found on some Gospel Guitar Jam site. They mention "Little" David Smith is an evangelist now.

We should have bought this looks fantastic:

Oh come on now! Even Busy Beavers has been digitally remastered on CD and is going for $82.51! Now I've seen it all. For internet mentions, there is a site detailing the history of Acorn Records (the label that released this lp) and about 25 instances of this album selling on ebay. That's it. No telling where the Busy Beavers might be today. Look how pissed that beaver in the middle is that the one on the right is eating his flute! I like their hats.

Not to be outdone, here are The Womenfolk "at the hungry i":

The Womenfolk were (surprise!) a folk band comprised of (obviously not very clever) women. Everything you ever wanted to know about them can be found here. It isn't very interesting. Apparently, the Hungry i was a club in San Francisco. Here's the rather pathetic back of the album:

"A Twelve-Course Phonographic Feast," I'm sure! Interesting tidbit from the back of the album: some of their songs came from Shel Silverstein, whom they describe as a cartoonist for Playboy(!). This album is from 1965.

I couldn't find anything online about the next album, nor do I want to try too hard:


What is with that scary-ass kid in the second row up from the bottom and on the far right? Oh my god! Here's the back:

I like the kid eating the telephone toward the middle right side. Among such guest stars as Charlie Daniels, Andy Williams, Bobby Goldsboro, Frank Yankovic and Doc Severinsen, there is one that especially stands out. TV's Tattoo, Herve Villechaize, guest sings on not one, but TWO, of these songs! The songs are "Why" (no, seriously, that's the name of the song...) and "When A Child Is Born." Mr. Villechaize killed himself in 1993, probably thanks in no small part to his participation in this album 13 years prior.

Moving on from the record albums at last, we stumbled onto the VHS tape section of the store.

Did you know the Helicopter Lure is "the hottest lure in your tackle box"? Helicopter lures - bringing sexy back! No worries, Roland Martin has his own website so you can still learn all about it.

Everyone ready to FACERCISE?!

Carole Maggio very recently had a website, but it doesn't work anymore. Hmmm. I did find some pages where women were swearing by this method, however.

Here's one of those videos we can thank the Christian slant of Thrifty Shopper for:

What can I even say? I like picturing the grannies of Faith United Church getting together in the basement and dancing to this video. Good times, good times!

I have a vague recollection of laughing at a commercial for the above video back in high school in the 1980s. Maybe I'm crazy. For yet another reason.

This one rules all kinds of everything:

Thanks once again Faith United Church for the lovely visual! Now I'm seeing the grannies jigging (not jogging!). Is this really how the Irish get fit? Here's a review of the video from And here's the back of the tape:

I was going to comment on some of the song titles featured in the video, but I am too bored. When I put down the jigging vid I turned around and saw this thing:

Neither of us could figure out what it is. The jar is glued to the top of the...face thing. Maybe it's a birdfeeder or...something.

Turning back to the videos, we found this for those bad hair days we all have:

Turn your drab dull locks into fabulously rad '80s 'dos! Rock on! The back of the box was too blurry a picture to use here and I deleted it yesterday, but rest assured, there's a picture of Lori Davis on it. Biatch got her own website and the exact same hairstyle as on the back of this box. I think I've seen her infomercials. Yuck.

I know these things are supposed to be the collectibles of the future and all, but WOW! I used to think they were ugly and creepy... I don't know now. The little buggers are growing on me. Or, I've become possessed by them!

I remember shelves and shelves of these being sold at Hallmarks everywhere in the 70s and 80s. They were "all the rage" as the kids say. Let's move on to the "art" section:

It's hard to tell here, but the fern at the top of the ladder literally jumps off the canvas as if it were alive.

I think this was My Favorite Artwork Of The Day:

Don't ask me what that brown thing reflected in the lower left corner is. It's actually scaring me that I can't figure it out. I like the stream with no perspective at all. Brilliant!

I don't know why I am so obsessed with the stitched atrocities, but I am:

It looks like this bluejay is sitting on a massive turd. With extremely small pineapples behind him. Or perhaps he is a very large bluejay.

This snowman was out to scare the children (Note: circa 2015 I wish I had bought him as vintage blowmolds are worth a mint now - and hey, it is kinda cute!).

I think he's missing something - or he's been shot in the hand.

This doll is another of my favorite finds:

Bitch seems like she could beat you up! I don't know why, but I get that vibe from her.

Sorry this one is blurry, but I couldn't resist using it anyway:

Nothing says "Crazy Eights" like a whack little boy poking a turtle!

(Posted 05/28/2007)