by Ham

What would you do if your local breakdancing group, The Rad Rockers, calls up and says they need a substitute for one of their sick dancers for an upcoming talent show? Well, you’d go thru my video collection and find the Betamax tape “Let’s Break – A Visual Guide To Breakdancing”. Released in 1984, this hour long tape has the dancers Tony, Frank and Susie showing us all of the latest moves. It also contains one of the most daft announcers I’ve ever heard, Marvin D. Moore. Check out the front and back of the tape’s cover (click on the back cover to see it full size):

Still pictures would not do this tape justice, so I uploaded some videos to YouTube. In this first clip, Tony shows us “The Wave”. Tony has possibly the longest pants this side of Magic Forest’s Uncle Sam. Notice the realistic “New York City style” set in these clips. The buildings in the background look like they came from a 5th grade talent show (so, I guess that’s appropriate considering the Rad Rockers talent show you’re practicing for). Also, the chain link fence and crumpled up newspapers are a nice touch. Are they saying breakdancers don’t know how to clean up after themselves?

In this next clip Frank shows us how to “Pop”. Frank, like his friend Tony, enjoys long pants and a striped shirt.

Now, what we’ve all been waiting for - “The Worm”:

What does he mean he’s going to “leave us on our own for this one”. What if I bought this video specifically trying to learn how to do The Worm? How am I going to learn it without a slow motion recap?

In the closing segment of the video we’re treated to one of the greatest rap performances of all time, narrator Marvin D. Moore doing “Break Jam”:

Get up! Uh, get down! And don’t forget, PRACTICE!

(Posted 2/2007)