by Ham

Boy, do I love me some Kool-Aid. Back in the '80s and early '90s, Kool-Aid would have new flavors and new products released every Spring. I would collect my Kool-Aid points throughout the year and cash them in on all of the cool new products they would have available in May. In the past 10 years the Kool-Aid people have gotten lazy and have not had many new products, or even many new flavors. The saddest news of all occurred this year (2007), when Kool-Aid announced that they would be no longer doing the Kool-Aid points program. How dare they?! Anyway, this will most likely be the subject of another article - I just have to somehow gather all of the items I've purchased with Kool-Aid points over the years.

I'm sorry - I've just started this article and I've already gotten sidetracked. The complete title of this VHS tape is "Wacky Zany Video from Kool-Aid and Kay Bee Toy Stores". This was given away as a promotion by Kay Bee Toy And Hobby Stores. This half hour long video includes several wacky clips (so the title is not just a clever name) and, more importantly, the Kool-Aid Man raps! Here is what the tape looks like (it was distributed without a cover).

If I had to describe this video, I'd say it was a combination of Mad Movies (which used old movies and changed the dialogue to be funny) and old style Sesame Street with some Kool-Aid Man mixed in for flavor. The Kool-Aid Man Rap is by far the coolest part of this video. The rap is actually cut up into three parts, and the video starts with part one.

Oh Yeah! You might have noticed Kool-Aid Man's friends Purplesaurus Rex and The Great Bluedini make their appearances in this video.

However, also featured in this video is some purple cube-shaped character. I've been a Kool-Aid fan all of my life and have never heard of this little purple guy. These first two pictures are from the beginning of the video, when Kool-Aid Man first makes his appearance. You can see Purple Cube is hanging out with him on a giant box of Kool-Aid Koolers.

Later in the video, you can see Purple Cube jumping around Kool-Aid Man and some of his other friends - including a dog, a rabbit, and a boxer.

Next on the tape, there is one of those Mad Movie style segments, featuring people chasing a giant hamster.

The next skit features a street sign that has two buttons. One reads "Push Button To Cross The Street", and the other reads "Push Button To Blow Up Building". You can guess which button this daft fellow pressed by mistake.

Next is a cartoon featuring characters singing the Banana Boat Song.

The next clip on the tape is a little trick to amuse the kids. You have to choose one of the sections in the picture then, thru a series of instructions, are left with only the Kool-Aid picture on the screen.

Ahhh, that's all well and good, but let's get back to the Kool-Aid Man Rap! Here's part two...

You'll notice several of Kool-Aid Man's personalities in this video, including the "rocker" and the "rapper".

Next is another one of those Mad Movie style segments, this time featuring a monkey who takes a ride on a helicopter.

I like monkeys.

The next segment on the tape is a "commercial" for the Kool-Aid Wacky Wild Workout Video.

I found this next video clip, entitled Thirst Patrol, pretty funny. It is a report about how the Kool-Aid Man is wanted for breaking thru walls and destroying people's property. I believe Dane Cook did a routine about this sort of thing.

"Dog News Tonight" is the next segment on the tape. You get to see dogs doing all sorts of ridiculous things, like skydiving.

Have I mentioned that Dom Deluise appears throughout this tape in segments where he gets into a fight with a newspaper vending machine?

One of the last segments features several people riding on invisible motorcycles.

The tape ends where it began, with the Kool-Aid Man Rap! Here is part three...

After the short credits on this tape, there is a commercial for Kay Bee Toy And Hobby that features some weird puppet kids. I don't know why, but I find these puppets really disturbing.

After watching this tape 16 years after it was released, I must say it was pretty entertaining. Many of the segments were made to be absurd on purpose, which is a concept I always support. And, yes, I'll say it again - it just doesn't get any cooler than the Kool-Aid Man Rap.

(Posted 8/2007)