JANUARY 13, 2008

by Kelly

This is my first major post of the new year, and, as promised, I bring to you the cover story to the April 1975 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine: 25 Beautiful New Hairstyles, plus the latest makeup looks! For more on the rest of this issue, please click the link above.

According to the page below, the photo above contains a hairstyle that is "softer" and "curvier" (than what, I wonder?) and "an exciting new look." Also, it is "smooth" and "up-to-the-minute." I can't really add anything to that, but any hairstyle that can also be described as "a cloud of fluffy, tiny curls around the head" just has to be... wow, I having trouble finding the words!

Above are the first of our exciting new hairdos. I especially love style number 3, on the top right. Give your "curly-all-over" hair-don't a side part and bangs that flip up! Number 4 looks suspiciously like the Dorothy Hamill haircut I was forced to rock during this time-period. It's not bad, but they should give credit where credit is due. What other hairdo would flop right back into place after performing a double-axel? Actually, perhaps because the Olympics were not until 1976 this was not yet "THE Dorothy Hamill haircut"...but, I digress...
I will concede, number 5 is actually kind of pretty - at least on this model!

What do we have below?

Number 6 is a "shapely pageboy" cut "curving out widely at the sides." I don't ever want a hairstyle that does anything "widely at the sides." The 80s were bad enough for that, thank you. Have you noticed yet how popular side parts were in 1975?

In number 7 they attempt to give popular super-model Beverly Johnson a pageboy cut. I don't see it. At all. Do you? Ms. Johnson was the first African-American model to grace the cover of American Vogue magazine in 1974. And in 1975 she's doing...this? Why god, why? Beverly Johnson is still a working model today, in her mid-fifties. She also sells wigs.

Check out that shirt on model #9!



More loveliness...

Style #11 is said to be "brushed toward left side and flipped for extra interest." It should say "flipped for extra Princess Leia-ness." I know, that film didn't come out for another two years. Now I'm seeing, though,that Leia's hairstyle wasn't that "far out" when put into 1970s context! Styles #12 and #13 show us "feathered curls" and a "flattering winged effect." And more side-swept/brushed bangs.

Number 14 and 15 above describe the looks below:


The beauty of  style #14 "lies in its understated simplicity." Yeah. The ends are something called a "comma curl" on each cheek. I want my hairstyles to include punctuation marks!

Look at model #15 - she knows she looks like sh.t. "One of the zingiest looks going is created with a headful of springy, corkscrew curls. For an extra-pretty touch, hair at each side is clipped with a barrette." Damn.

Do their shirts look like they are made of plastic?


The monstrosity on the left is a "pert, young hairstyle" going for a "fluffy, wind-tossed" effect. Nice shirt. Number 18 describes the back of her head in great detail, but a photo would have been helpful. I mean, "back hair is rolled and pinned in a semi-circle" is hardly clear. Wait - do you think they really meant her back hair? Hahahahaha! Number 19 again illustrates their liberal use of the word "pageboy." Number 20 is "romantic." It is also "up-to-the-minute" because the "bangs are flippy and sideswept." Spell-check hates me for both of those words.

The madness continues...

I am running out of witty banter about 70s hairstyles. There aren't enough adjectives to describe some of these abject horrors. Like Style #22, above. "For a neat, pretty head, try this cap of little curls with a sculptured look." For a neat, pretty head? #23 features the "flippy" hair again. All of these shirts are horrifying. If you want to see the shot from the cover of the magazine, described in #25,  scroll to the top of this article and click the link for my article on the rest of this issue.

We shall close with makeup tips for 1975, as described below:

I see we feature Beverly Johnson again on the bottom left, and is that...? Why, yes, I think it is! Well, I could be wrong, but on the bottom right it sure looks like Donna Pescow, who played "Annette" in Saturday Night Fever and was also on the TV series Angie in the late 1970s. Anyone feel free to correct me.

This brings us to the end of this excellent and informative article. I hope you enjoyed your foray into the styles of the 70s!


(Posted 01/2008)