JANUARY 26, 2008

by Kelly

I'm calling this place DB's Flea Market because, near as we can tell, we think that's the name of this place. The store is located in Elbridge, NY. This won't be as long a post as I usually write, simply because the store was small and there was not a lot of opportunity for picture-taking. It was a "camera flash off" kind of place. Despite these parameters, we still found a lot to be goofy about.

When I saw the front step, I knew we had to stop the car and check this place out.

Just to the right inside the door, we were greeted by one of my favorite things - you guessed it - A Shelf Of Randomness! I marked it up for you:

I have to stop here and tell you something. Believe it or not, I was an English Major in college. I have a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts English. Some of my biggest pet peeves are spelling or punctuation errors. I know... I occasionally have them in my posts. The spelling errors are usually typos that I miss even after proofreading. Punctuation, well, for things like Project Absurd I tend to write how I speak, and unless you're The Queen Mum you probably don't speak proper English, either. So I can give a little when it comes to punctuation. I, however, cannot forgive THIS:


They committed this egregious error throughout the store.


Make's me crazy! (yes, I did that on purpose!)

The artwork was stunning. Only Rembrandt himself could do better.


Then I found this, my favorite thing in the store:

Remember Scholastic Book Fairs? Do they still have them? I guess they still do. In my day (the mid-1980s), Scholastic Book Fairs brought the opportunity to buy Garfield bookmarks, Garfield books, Garfield pencils, Garfield pencil toppers, Garfield stickers and animal poster books like the one above. What do you guys remember about Scholastic Book Fairs? Leave some comments - let's start a discussion!

Thumbing through An Animal FUN POSTER BOOK, I found this to be my favorite piece of art:

As I tore my eyes away from this book, I noticed the Most Holy thing in the store - a dorkalicious bear on an awesome piece of stitchery!

Clearly, our work here was done. I bought a few items and we were on our way. DB's Flea market, or whatever it's called, is definitely an adorable little store filled with just the right kind of treasures. Just watch out for the BOOK'S!

(Posted 09/28/2008)