DECEMBER 15, 2007


by Kelly

Not too long ago, we discovered this little treasure of a flea market and brought you a first-hand account of our first trip inside. Last December we decided to return, and once again we were not disappointed! It's important to note that we love this store. We love it! The sweetest people run this place. That does not, however, mean some of the stuff inside isn't as goofy as, uh...Goofy. Or something.

Our first stop was in the book section,  where I found this:

If you are so inclined, you can buy this book here.

This one, however...

How freaking gross is that? I just hope that baby isn't naked. Or in a poopy diaper. Oh, gag! This whole thing is just wrong. WRONG. Buy it here.

Moving on, we came across our first piece of questionable art:


Luckily, it was signed!


I cannot find on this guy on the internet. Still, I hesitate to write his name here and make it searchable. That piece is just, indescribable. The top of the lighthouse is what gets me most. Also, the title is "The Light house A Lone". Enough said.

Greetings from Trinidad And Tobago! Would you like a hideous serving tray? Only $15.00!

By now we were hanging around the back room, my most favorite corner of Betty's. The painting and the tray were back here. Then I saw this on a shelf:

Someone is handcrafting tiny picture frames and using magazines from the 1980s to fill in the pictures, as examples! This rules. I thought Dolly was good until I saw Tom Wopat and John Schneider! The Dukes beats all! And then there were Sharon and Nick from The Young & the Restless, hanging on a corner of the display:


Turning around, this picture caught my eye:

It is notable, not only for its awfulness, but for its increased awfulness due to the fact that the painting is done in relief. A closer shot will show you what I mean:


Yes, kids - you can reach out and feel the leaves hovering in the sky (a tree???) or the boat trying not to capsize! Fun!

Then I saw this, the ultimate Valentine's Day gift:

I don't even know what I can say about that painting that isn't obvious by looking at it. Just....DAMN!

If you don't want to give that painting as a gift, how about this clock?

It's one-of-a-kind, kids! Hurry!

This book was nestled in with a bunch of crap:

Did a whole book need to be written about this subject? It is "illustrated with photographs and drawings." As opposed to... what? Words? What is hanging off the front of the ear of the dog on the right? Buy this book here if you must!

Fluffy bunny! FLUFFY BUNNY!

This one isn't that bad, I guess. If you can dig the subject matter. Maybe for a kid's room or something. Maybe.

Yep, they had the kitchen sink on this visit!

But, what's that beyond the sink? Why, it's hideous western apparel! Yeehaw!

Turning to my left from there, I saw what is possibly the singular best item I have ever seen in a thrift store or flea market. This. Sheet.

And it's not for sale!!! WAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Why is it so incredibly, spectacularly fantasmagorical? Let me show you a close-up:

These sheets go in-depth about Napoleon's love for Josephine. It's so random (for sheets, I mean!). It is SO AWESOME. Where can I get these sheets? WHERE?

I was going to end the article here, but we did find one more enjoyable item out in the main room. And it's something everyone should have. And it's this guide:

I wish I could post the pictures from the inside of this brochure. Unfortunately, they all came out blurry, as I was playing detective and sneakily taking photos with the flash off. Rest assured, if you google "Vatsol" you will find several disturbing and odd articles and studies. Beware!

Hope you enjoyed foray #2 to Betty's. Someone find me those sheets! In queen size!

(Posted 02/2008)