APRIL 7, 2007


by Kelly

Bettys' House of Treasures & more is one the many makeshift flea markets in our area. This one is more like a small store, as it is situated in a very small strip mall (and I use the term very loosely) type of building.

Caps, signs, shirts, coats, toys, candy...what could the "and more" possibly refer to? We had to find out!

Once inside, we happened upon the daftest lamps you can possibly imagine. I don't know why it is, but we see lamps of this nature in every flea market and craft fair we go to. Do people really have these things in their houses? I mean, I love cats and everything (I even made a Myspace page for our cat), but cats on my lamp? No, thank you.

Not that I'd prefer these pheasants, either:


Or whatever kind of bird that is. I'm not sure what this was about, but I had to take a picture. I can only hope the table and lamp are sold separately and are not one piece:


Yes, a lamp with dragons on it sitting on a glass-topped table held up by an elephant. We got a lot of mileage just out of this lamp section of the store. This was my favorite monument to hideousness:

A lamp with eagles on it sitting on a glass table held up by a crescent moon held up by a lighthouse and a boat and water. It speaks for itself (and actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it did speak for itself!).

Moving on to the record album room of the store, I found this:

This is actually quite a popular album. I would never make fun of Les Paul. Unless he was holding a Lover's Luau,that is. The cover's just silly. And that's a lot of bananas on the table.

This was my favorite find in this flea market:

A Conway Twitty ashtray! We don't smoke, but I almost bought this anyway. It is replete with awesomeness. I just googled "Conway Twitty ashtray" and there were no results. Yet another Project Absurd first! Need More Conway Twitty in your life? Check out The Conway Twitty Collection

In the Bad Art Deptartment the only truly awful thing I found was this:

The 1980s workout fashions are just...well, there are no words. Teddy Bears working out at 11:40. I wonder if it's morning or night? Someone actually had the idea to paint this. And what's that bear on the right doing? What kind of weight-lifting move is that? It doesn't look particularly safe.

I did buy something in this flea market. Wishing to remain anonymous, I will not mention what it was here because I'd like to visit again sometime. The two people handling the store that day were very sweet and nice (one of them may have been "Betty"). I really enjoyed this store, but I'm still not sure what "more" than treasures I found...I guess it was the Conway Twitty ashtray! 

(Posted 04/2007)