JULY 21, 2007

by Kelly

It must be pretty obvious by now that Ham and I love antique stores. What's even better than one antique store is when several of them get together and decide to have a huge party - a "fest," if you will (and even if you won't). That's what happened in our area this past weekend. An "antiquefest." Boy, is my spell-check all over that word! And as an English major it gives me fits just looking at it. (*shudder*)

As you also well know by now, we love ridiculous old stuff. Sure, some antiques are pretty and beautiful...yawn. Bring on the absurd!

Old toys are usually a safe bet to be silly. The older and less politically correct, the better! The above are: (1) Buddy Palooka Doll (we'll discuss below), (2) Charley Weaver bartender doll and (3) generic bartender doll. Both bartender dolls are probably from the early 1960s. Charley Weaver was a character portrayed by Cliff Arquette, grandfather of Rosanna, Patricia, David, et. al. You can read more about Cliff Arquette and his Charley Weaver character here. Now, let's discuss Buddy Palooka...

IT'S A BOY! Palooka Joe was a comic strip about a bumbling boxer that ran from 1930 - 1984. This old Time magazine article explains the controversy that ensued when the man drawing  Palooka Joe after the creator's death decided to sue (over royalties)  to get out of his contractual obligations, leaving Mrs. Palooka Joe (in the comic) pregnant. Would Joe's son be born or not? Apparently, he was. And they named him Buddy.

Some more battery-powered toys from the late 50s/early 60s we enjoyed:

A "comic" police car! Y'all know how comical those can be! And our favorite was the one on the right..."ICE CREAM LICKIN MONKEY." If that thing wasn't $95 I'm sure we would have bought it. "Very rare toy?" Let's see, shall we? A quick Google search for "ice cream lickin monkey" gives me nothing. So I guess it is rare. You don't want to know the answers I got Googling "lickin monkey"...

More classic toys...


On the left we have Jumbo the Bubble Blowing Elephant. And just in case you're hard-of-readin' they added "It blows bubbles" superfluously at the top right. I have just one question...does the elephant blow bubbles, or...?

On the right we have "BOBO - The Frisky Puppy With Lighting Eyes" Lighting eyes? What the? Why the...? Hey, look at all the features Bobo possesses!

1. He walks!

2. He stops!

3. He barks!

Imagine the hours upon hours of enchantment youngsters of the 1950s had playing with good old Bobo! But, why, why, WHY LIGHTING EYES? Mama doesn't understand! The only answer I got from Google was an eBay listing where someone had try to sell Bobo in England for approximately $41.13 (US dollars). No one bought it.

We didn't know what this was, but it had hamburgers on it so we both thought it was cool.


Upon further inspection, I have come to the conclusion it's one of those gizmos you speak your order into at a drive-in diner kind of place. You know, where carhops would bring your food out to you so you could eat in the car. Some A&W restaurants still do this today. The futuristic, oval shape of the thing also places it in the 1950s. Let's look up "Gleasons" - the restaurant name written on the...thing. Yep, I'm not doing very well today. I found...nothing.

Do you know anyone who is in desperate need of a gorilla bust for the study, or perhaps the foyer?

Possibly the ugliest portrait I have ever, personally, seen:

No, wait! I forgot about this one...!


Most bizarre ashtray(s) ever?

I can't tell you all how many times I've been perusing National Geographic and have come across photos of the natives carrying large ash trays on their heads and hands!

A table of pure awesomeness:


A Jetsons Rosie plastic bank! An old Mr. Potato Head plus his friend Kooky Cucumber! A Marvin The Martian doll! Does that thing on the bottom left look to anyone else like Cornflake S. Pecially - the dude from Mr. Rogers' Land Of Make-Believe that owned the rocking chair factory next to the castle? Do I need to get out more?

Godzilla vs. Linus The Lionhearted!

This album rocks in all kinds of ways. Let's take a closer look:

Come to find out, Linus The Lionhearted was a Saturday morning cartoon show in the 1960s, and the first of its kind to be taken off the air by the FCC. Apparently, Linus and his friends all moonlighted as pitchmen for Post Cereals and the FCC deemed children of the 60s too daft to know the difference between a commercial and a cartoon show. Isn't that insane, considering nowadays they practically only base cartoons on items sold in the marketplace?! Now that I know all this, though, yeah, the bear on the right looks like Sugar Bear, the Sugar Crisps bear. That's the only one I recognize. Good god, that link says the Asian one was named So-Hi and hawked a rice-based cereal! The times they sure have changed...


(Posted 07/2007)